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About the exhibition

1978: With a tiny majority of 50,47 percent in a referendum the Austrians decided against the implementation of the nuclear power plant Zwentendorf – the first of several planned nuclear power plants in Austria.

In the run-up to the referendum a huge and unique protest movement was formed, which had participants from all over the country, people of all ages, people from working class to academics.
Therefore the ready-for-use NPP Zwentendorf never got started, even more: few weeks after the referendum the „Atomsperrgesetz“ was introduced, a law to forbid all future nuclear power plants in Austria. Later this law got included into Austria’s federal constitution.

The 40 years after were deeply influenced by this forward-looking decision.
The Zwentendorf-referendum started a broad anti-nuclear-attitude throughout Austria’s population and (almost all) political parties. Up to this day this is unique in the world.
Because even if the decision was this close in 1978, today the vast majority of Austrians disaprove of nuclear power.

Anti-nuclear-movement of the past, present and future

2018: atomstopp_atomkraftfrei leben! remembers the events of 1978 which lead to the Zwentendorf-referendum. In the exhibition “Zwentendorf.40 – Widerstand für die Zukunft” we want to show you how much this event influenced Austria – for Austria’s democratic awareness, environmental consciousness as well as important economic reasons.

Visit our exhibition in autumn 2018 at Wissensturm.
Discover exhibits paying tribute to 40 years of anti-nuclear-movement. Let us show you how the Austrian anti-nuclear-movement got this far – and will bring us even further in future. The past will lead us the way, for now and for the future!

Free entrance!

Opening Hours

October 5th – November 5th, 2018
Monday – friday: 8:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 9:00 – 17:00
Closed on sundays and public holidays

How to get there

Wissensturm Linz
Kärntnerstraße 26, 4020 Linz

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